What is Optimized Producer?

Launched in November of 2017, this site is for all music producers and beat makers who are driven to become better and make their passion for music profitable.

If you are constantly searching for new ways to improve yourself, your music, and get more things done in less time, you will feel like home here. We strive to help you optimize your life as a music producer so you can be as creative and productive as humanly possible (hopefully happy too!).

We love writing about self-development for music people.

After all, everything starts with YOU. The music you create and the decisions you make comes from within yourself. If we can influence that, you will WIN!

You can get started by reading this short guide about the 7 Habits That Makes You A Better Music Producer.

Now, why should you read THIS BLOG and trust anything that we say?

Lucky for you, it’s totally up to you. You have the freedom to decide that. We don’t claim to be experts. But we are PASSIONATE. With over a decade of experience in the music production world we feel we may have at least a few nuggets of wisdom to share. Even that one nugget may be enough to change someones life. That’s all we need.