Are You Using Cover Artwork For Your Songs Online?

We browse the Internet with our eyes.

Most of the decisions we make online is based on text, colors and visual elements like pictures. When someone is browsing music on YouTube, they decide what to click based on visual cues.

Makes sense, right?

You don’t know what a song sounds like before you click through and listen. You can make your decision only based on what you see such as title, description, likes, comments, views and the cover artwork.

The single biggest visual cue is the cover artwork that is used to represent the song.

Take a look at the two pictures below. If you would have to choose what to click on based on the picture alone, which one would you most likely click?

cover artwork for songs

I know which one I would click and there’s a reason for that.

The picture on the left is plain, simple and boring. It doesn’t really tell anything and it doesn’t pique my interest at all. The picture on the right looks amazing and professional. There’s clearly some thought and effort put into it. It gives a much better first impression.

Now, using a better artwork for a song doesn’t mean the other song is better in any way. It can be totally opposite. But, it’s easy to tell which song majority of people would click to first.

When more people are tempted to click and listen, the more views it gets. The more views a song collects, the more attention it draws. The view count is a social proof that there’s something interesting about that particular song.


How To Get Artwork Made?

If you’re not paying attention to the cover artworks of your songs online, you’re missing out on a lot of listeners. You’re not tempting new listeners to click and listen your music.

But, how to get started creating some visuals?

If you have the eye for visuals, get started on your own by using a free image editor like GIMP. It’s basically a free alternative to Photoshop but just as powerful. In fact, I used Photoshop for almost a decade and then switched to GIMP.

You can download royalty-free images to use in your artwork. Here’s  9 Websites With Amazing Royalty-Free Images For Your Music.

However, not everyone even wants to spend time creating graphics. That’s totally fine. Then I suggest getting someone else do them for you. Visit a site like Fiverr to get graphics for as low as $5.



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