Be More Creative By Creating More

My friends often asks me ”How can you be so creative all the time? You’re constantly making new music”.

It’s always been difficult to answer that question.

Recently, I’ve realized that creativity is much like a muscle. The more we work out our muscles, the bigger and stronger they grow. Similar process happens with the creative mind.

We get more creative by constantly creating more.

Artists and music producers frequently say they don’t ”feel the creativity”. They might wait for the magical moment to happen when the creativity just strikes out of the blue.

Does it happen by waiting around? Honestly, I don’t believe that.

Even if it does, could we assist the process by actually being proactive about it? Could we get that next big idea faster by at least trying to be creative?

Being creative doesn’t mean each idea you have or each song you create has to be a hit (or even good!). The most important thing is to make creativity a habit. Each creative process you start trains the creativity muscle to become stronger.

When you practice enough, creativity becomes a mindset that you can easily tap into. It becomes more of a habit.

Creativity is not magic. It’s a process in our brain.

When we learn to use and control our mind better, we can influence our creativity. Here’s a more in-depth article about how improve the brain for creating music.



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