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Being an artist, music producer, or any kind of creator on social media today is exciting. We can share our work to the entire world in an instant. Just click share.

What’s even more addictive is watching those likes, comments, shares and follows build up! What a time to be alive, right? Hah!

Let me ask you this: Which one do you value more, getting 10 likes to a post or just one comment?

This is actually not that easy question to answer to. Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers. There’s just opinions.

When I think about it, I would love to get a comment over likes any day, even if there’s fewer of them. But why? Why would I want just one comment from one person compared to 10 likes from 10 people?


1. Likes are meaningless

Seeing your social media post get hundreds of likes is amazing. I admit, sometimes when I make a post, I check the notifications every 5 minutes. Nothing wrong with that!

But recently, I’ve started not to care so much about likes. If someone clicks like on a post, what does that mean? It’s just a number. I don’t know why someone clicked the like button. In the worst case, there’s a bot liking every post they see.

Likes are awesome, but there’s so little meaning to them. They don’t tell you anything concrete. You can only make an assumption that someone ”liked” your post.


2. Comments = Engagement

Compared to likes, comments gives you a ton of information. Someone actually took the time to write on your post. That’s something!

Clicking the like button takes only a second, but writing a comment can take several seconds if not minutes. Not everyone cares to comment, but the ones that do, clearly has something to say about your post.

This is called engagement and is probably the most valuable action on social media.

If people are not engaging with your content, what are you doing? Comments mean that someone saw your post, it sparked their brain and they decided to spend time to share their thoughts with you.

NOTE: Yes, I know, there are bots posting comments too, but usually you can spot them from a mile away.


3. Commenting builds relationships

Once someone comments on your post, you can start an actual conversation with that person. You can build a more deeper relationship with them.

Think about this: What if you would comment on your favorite artists social media post and they would reply? Would that make you even bigger fan of them? Absolutely.

This is why I make it my duty to reply to majority of the comments, messages and emails I get. Even to say thanks. I know this is one reason for having a huge amount of returning customers and business partners.


That’s it

Instead of collecting more and more likes, start paying more attention to comments and engagements. That’s where the magic and conversion from a potential customer to customer happens.


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