Get 643 Professional Drum Sounds!

Beatmakers and music producers are constantly sending me emails asking how to make their drums sound better. How to make them REALLY banging?!

And I have to say that the most common mistake I see is…

… producers are using terrible drum sounds…

Everything else may be top-notch but the drums are just awful….

To be honest, it’s very difficult to make a banging track when the drum sounds are lazy to begin with. Drums are the backbone of modern beats. They often carry the entire track in its shoulders.

You don’t want to spend days trying to make your lazy drums sound good. You want to have the best possible starting point with your drum work. Then it’s easy to make the end result sound good.

Agree? Good.

You’re in luck, because we have teamed up with the amazing Life and Death Productions, the producer known for BANGING drums in his beats, to give you something very special.

We want to give five high-quality drum kits for you including as much as 643 drum sounds right now. All the drum sounds are professionally mixed for instant out-of-the-box professional sound. Just drag and drop the .WAV files into your DAW and get to work!

Here’s a short audio demo of the drums:

Ready to get the sounds?

All of the sounds are ready for you, just waiting to be downloaded. I do have to ask a very small fee for the sounds because after all, I have to pay Life and Death Productions for their hard work. Lucky for you, we were able to put a 86% discount for the sounds!

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to set up this arrangement…

I urge you to download the drum sounds right now before we both start regretting the price (haha!).


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