How To Get More Shit Done In 24 Hours?

Without a doubt, the most common question people ask is, how to get more done during a day?

We all have the same amount of time for each day, that’s 24 hours. No one got more, no one got less. The difference is in how we use that time. Each hour and minute has an effect on what we achieve that day.

But, why does it feel some people get so much more done than me?

It’s simple. They focus on what’s important to them. They forget everything that doesn’t matter. They have set priorities and rules for themselves they follow every day.

If you sleep 8 hours a day, you have 16 hours to do what you want. If you have a 9 to 5 job, there’s still another 8 hours! Seriously, that’s a huge amount of time to get anything done.

The question is, do you want it badly enough?

Stop making excuses that you don’t have time to do something. We make time for what we really want. By allocating even an hour every day for what we want to do, we get 30 hours per month. That’s more than enough time to get shit done.

Let’s break it down and create a basic framework that helps you to get more shit done during every 24 hours.


1. Figure What You Want To Do

You cannot get anything done if you don’t even know what you want to do in the first place.

It’s essential that you have a clear goal you strive towards. If you don’t, well then you’re just doing random stuff whenever you feel like it.

Figure out what you want to do and achieve. Want to start selling your music production services online? Good, now you have a purpose and we can work towards making it a reality.

Whatever you want to achieve, write it down. Now.


2. You Need Discipline

We don’t always feel like doing something. But if we want to achieve anything in life, we need discipline.

We need to set rules for ourselves that helps us make shit happen.

For example: Hitting the snooze button in the morning is very tempting. You want to get just that 5 extra minutes of sleep. What signal does that give to your brain though? Procrastination. You’re already postponing the very first thing you should do that day, waking up. That mindset will follow you the entire day. Soon, you notice it’s night and you didn’t get anything done, again.

When you set up the alarm clock, make it a habit to never hit the snooze button. When you hear the alarm, you get up instantly. You decide to do something and you do it. It’s more of a habit than anything else.

You need this type of discipline on everything you do.


3. Create A Daily Task List

Probably the most important thing for me to get anything done during a day, is having a task list.

Every day when I wake up, I know exactly what I want to get done. If I don’t, then it’s easy to be lazy because I don’t even know what I should do.

I suggest writing a list of three things you want to do any given day.

You should make the list the night before. That way, when you wake up, you already know exactly what the day looks like.

Also, be as detailed as possible with the tasks you set. You don’t want to have a task such as ”I will make music today”. Why? Because it’s too broad. Whether you make music 5 minutes or 8 hours, you achieved the goal but the end result is completely different. Instead, make the task measurable. A more effective example would be ”I will fully mix and master one song today”. You can clearly measure if you did that or not.

By the way, it’s very rewarding to put a checkmark on a task when you finish it! At the day of the day, you can feel proud of everything you achieved that day.


4. Say No To Distractions

Are you one of those people who have their phone next to them constantly? When you get a notification, you have to check it instantly? When you’re on the computer, maybe you have browser tabs open with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email too?

Stop it, now.

One of the main reasons you’re not getting anything done is because you allow everyone and everything else to distract you.

Sometimes we may feel like we need to constantly stay updated on the latest news, what our friends are up to, and we have to be reachable every hour of the day. The fact is, we don’t.

If you want to get shit done in YOUR LIFE, you have to focus more on what you want to do. Actually, most people respect that. You shouldn’t let anyone else to distract you from your dreams and goals.

I’m constantly off the radar for 24-48 hours when I want to get something done. It’s extremely rare that I miss something really important during that time.


5. Use The Pomodoro Technique

When you start working on a task, I recommend setting a timer to 30 minutes.

When the time starts, put your undivided attention to working on the task. Put your phone on mute, turn off the TV, close the browser, and anything that is a distraction. Nothing else matters during the 30 minutes.

This is called the pomodoro technique.

Do you know what happens when using this technique? Suddenly, you feel like you’re on fire! You may get a task done in less than 30 minutes even if you would have been procrastinating it for days.

30 minutes may feel like a short time but it’s actually a perfect time for a 100% focus.

When the time is up, you can take a short break, check social media, or anything you like. Then, start again.

This is so effective it’s ridiculous!


That’s It

Getting more shit done during a day is not rocket science. It’s very simple when you set routines and be disciplined. In essence, figure out what you want to do, have the discipline to get anything done you decide, have a task list for each day and use the pomodoro technique to focus on tasks 100%.



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