How To Sell Your First Beat Online?

One of the most common questions beatmakers ask me is:

How can I get my first beat sale? I’ve been uploading beats online for a year(s) and still haven’t made a single sale…

I hear this very often and noticed there’s two major misconceptions:

  • By uploading your beats online, people will magically find you.
  • By making your beats possible to purchase, someone will.

Is this perhaps YOUR mindset?

I want to dive into this topic and break down what it takes for you to make your first sale. It’s simple and all it takes is work.

Let’s get started.

Fact #1

I’ll give it to you straight:

No one will magically stumble on your beats online. Especially if you’re new in the game.

Anyone in the world can create a website, start a YouTube channel, set up a SoundCloud profile and upload their music for everyone in the world to listen. It requires absolutely nothing.

You cannot expect that just by doing that someone will find you, become a raving fan, and buy something from you. It just won’t happen.

No one knows who you are and you’re not putting in the work to get your name out there.

How can anyone find you?

People won’t just search for your name on YouTube because they have no idea who you are. No one will find your beats by searching the word “beats” on Google because there’s already tens of thousands of more established beatmakers that crush you on search results.

But, don’t get discouraged. Just keep reading and I’ll help you out.

Fact #2

Here’s another cold fact:

By having your beats available for purchase, doesn’t mean someone will.

Think about that for a second…

If you walk into a music store and they have a new Eminem album for sale, does that automatically mean you will buy it? No, if you don’t want or need it.

It’s funny how some beatmakers assume this with their beats.

Just by making their beats available to purchase (or as free downloads) doesn’t mean someone will do that. First you need to get the right people to find your beats and convince why they should buy them.

OK, let’s move forward how you can get your first sale.

How To Sell Your First Beat Online?

As we broke down the two major misconceptions of selling beats online, we can realize one thing:

Just by making your beats available online doesn’t bring you sales. Period. You need to start being proactive about it.

Instead of waiting for people to find you, how can you increase the chances of someone finding you?

Talk To Potential Customers

Humans are curious creatures.

If you talk to someone (online or offline) would you naturally be interested in who that person is and what they do? Of course you would.

Start interacting with your potential customers without pushing your beats for them.

This is important!

It’s sad how much beatmakers spam their beats down their potential customers throats with messages like “Hey, check out my beats and please buy them!”. That’s literally like walking into an Apple store and the staff would instantly come to you and say “Hey, please buy this!”.

Changes are you’ll walk out the door quickly when they’re selling too hard.

I encourage you to take a different approach and start being an actual human being.

100 DM’s To Your First Sale

OK, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Go to Instagram and search for the hashtag #rapper (or anything similar).
  2. Browse the feed and find people who are rappers.
  3. Check out their profile and posts.
  4. Find small interesting things and send them a comment or a DM about that. Give them a compliment (genuine!) or ask something. Keep it short and casual.

The most important thing is to keep the focus on them.

And please, don’t write those spam comments like “Great content!”. Those are just awful and useless.

When you interact with your potential customers in a genuine way without trying to get something off of them, they will often be curious who you are and check you out (without you even asking!).

Of course, it’s important that your Instagram profile is on point, too. When you get someone to visit your profile, you want to impress them with high quality and interesting content.

Last Words

If you really want to make your first beat sale online, be proactive and interact with people. You can easily send 100 DM’s in a single day. Even those hundred casual conversations with potential customers may lead to a sale or a relationship.



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