How To Work From Home As A Music Producer: 7 Useful Tips

Being a music producer today is more flexible than ever. You can literally work from anywhere you want, whether that’s from home, professional studio or even on the road. Many choose to work from a home studio because it’s affordable and comfortable.

But, to really be efficient at home can be difficult. It may take a long time to adjust to it because after all, you’re still at home. It’s easy to be too laid-back and therefore get nothing done. It can also be tough to separate your free-time from work.

I’ve worked from home for several years and people constantly wonder how I can do it. More importantly, how to not go insane!

Here’s my advice for how to work from home as a music producer.

1. Wake Up Early

It can be tempting to sleep in and get the day started whenever you want. You might not have a boss so why not, right? That’s a mistake though.

Sleeping for however long you want, without an alarm clock, is the worst way for you to start a productive day. Start the day early and I promise you’ll get a lot more done. Read this blog post for more.

2. Act Like You’re Going To Work

Even though you’re working from home, I suggest having the mindset of going to work. Put on clean clothes like you would when going to a ‘real job’ (don’t work on your underwear!).

I’ve learned that this really helps me to get into work-mode. It can be tempting to dress however you want because you’re at home. But, at least for me, if I dress carelessly my brain goes into free-time mode and I get lazy.

You might think that by working from home you have the luxury of doing whatever you want and however you want. You do, but surprisingly you may feel much better by setting some rules for yourself if you want to actually get something done.

3. Have A Dedicated Workspace

The most beneficial thing for me has been to have a room solely dedicated for work. Of course, this is not possible for everyone but you should have at least a dedicated workstation.

You should be able to separate your workplace from the place where you relax. It can be very difficult to have any free-time if your entire home is dedicated for work. Then, you’re at work 24/7.

4. Say No To Distractions

It’s very easy to get distracted at home, especially if you have a partner or a family.

You should set boundaries for people around you when you work. I mean, if you would be at a ‘real job’ everyone would understand you should not be distracted. Apply the same rule for working from home.

It can be tough at first, but it’s really important if you want to be productive.

5. Invest In Headphones

Remember, you might have neighbors. You have to take that into consideration while working. You can’t always bump up the volume whenever you feel like. That will just make people mad.

You should invest in good pair of headphones that allows you to work when you need to. You can do surprisingly much with headphones. In fact, I’m so used to working with headphones that I use them majority of the time. Look into AKG’s or Sennheiser HD’s.

6. Have a Task List

If you would have a 9-5 job, you would always know exactly what you need to do when going to work (or at least usually…). Right? Someone has set a set of tasks for you that needs to get done.

Use the same rule for working from home. Have a task list for each day. Go into the day knowing exactly what you should do. How can you get anything done if you don’t even know what you should do? Exactly.

7. Don’t Forget To Socialize!

Working from home means you’re spending majority of your time there. Don’t forget to make time for meeting people! It’s super easy to spend too much time at home and soon realize you haven’t met anyone in weeks. I’m guilty of this, I’ll admit that…

Try to schedule some time for socializing every week. It can be as simple as meeting a friend for a coffee or going to an event. You really need that!

Last Words

Working from home as a music producer can be awesome! You have all the freedom in the world. But, it’s still important to set boundaries for yourself in order to stay sane. It’s not for everyone and I personally know many who can’t or don’t want to do it. You never know until you try so I hope these tips will help you out 🙂

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