Keep Your Studio Clean

What does your studio look like? Is it messy and unorganized? Or clean and inspiring?

The environment we work in has a big influence on us. Everything around us will affect the mind and therefore affects the mood, focus and even creativity.

Have you ever worked in a messy environment and noticed that your brain isn’t working either? Maybe it felt like your mind was unorganized and you couldn’t focus?

It’s not a coincidence. It’s a fact that the outer world affects the inner world.

It’s impossible to focus your mind 100% to creating music when you have unnecessary stuff and dirt laying around on the desk. Each of those things is a distraction and will trigger your mind to lose focus.

How can you focus 100% on music in a place like that? You can’t.

We need to set up our studio to be clean, efficient and inspiring. It’s the place where we can feel inspired, motivated and focused.

Even though my studio is never messy, still every time I clean and vacuum it, I get a huge wave of inspiration. I’m sure you have felt this, too.

Our mind is the engine we use to create music with. Let’s help our mind to function at the highest level. When we can do that, we’re able to create the best music we can possibly create. Keeping your studio clean is one step towards that.

Now go and clean your studio! 🙂

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