Let’s Be Real.

I just received an email from a music producer asking:

Should I make music that you hear on the radio or focus on my own thing?”

This is a great question. What should you do?

The songs you hear on the radio are proven to be popular. There’s world-class artists, music producers and record labels behind them. There’s a reason why they’re playing a hundred times per day.

You could use that as a guide what type of songs to create to gain more exposure and popularity. It’s tempting.

But let’s face it, should you do that?

If you blindly follow what everyone else is doing, are you creating anything original? By riding the mainstream trends and copying music that is proven to be please the crowd, you let everyone else define your music.

What’s left when the trend is over and you don’t have your “own sound”?

Music (an all art) is about expressing yourself in a way that strikes emotions in others, as well. If you’re creating music only based on trends and popularity, you’ll never be happy. Even if you would make money doing so.


Your Own Thing. Inspired By Others.

Creating and defining your own music doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be influenced and inspired by others. In fact, the songs we listen to always influences our own music. It can happen consciously or unconsciously. If you love smooth jazz and create hip hop yourself, it’s highly likely that some jazz vibes has followed into your own music.

Always seek inspiration from around you but never let anyone else define your own sound.

Collect inspiration, ideas and tricks from music, movies, art, poems or your life and implement them in your songs in your own unique way.

When you sit down and write a song, you should not think too much about what anyone else wants to hear. You should not aim for creating a hit song. Have you heard that someone created a hit song on purpose? Most often the hit songs are the ones that almost didn’t make it on the album.

Aim for creating something real and honest. Something that you personally like. When there’s real emotions in the creative process, it translates through for the listener.

Think less. Do more what feels right.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Real.”

  1. Definitely what I’ve been feeling as of late!

    I really feel all this trap/edm is just a phase – another trend in the music genre statistics graph.

    It’s so important to be original and find your own sound.

    If you can lock in a spot as yourself in this industry, it opens so many doors as you can do just that; simply be yourself.

    Nice write-up!

    1. Exactly!

      It’s all about being yourself. Because after all, we are all unique human beings. No one can take that away from us. We should use that in our advantage in music. Then, it will always be unique.

      Keep creating, keep experimenting and take inspiration from anywhere you can get it.

      This Trap/EDM trend it awesome in it’s own way because there’s a lot of useful production tricks in those genres that you can implement in your own tracks 😉

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