Think Less. Do More.

All of our dreams and goals can be achieved by doing one simple thing:

Take action!

Think about it for a minute.

You can brainstorm and plan things all you want, but have you ever actually achieved anything with that? No, because you have not taken action, which is the most important step.

Now, thinking and planning is important though.

It helps you to figure out what action you should take. But, it’s also very easy to use that as an excuse of not taking action. You may find yourself planning things for months because you want to make everything perfect before you take action.

Sounds familiar?

That my friend is called procrastination.

You can never plan something to be perfect.

It’s true that taking action is scary. You put yourself out there to be vulnerable. But, if you ever want to get things done and move forward you have to think less and do more.

An idea or a plan is worthless if there’s no action behind it.


I Procrastinated For 6 Months…

You’re not the only one who is over-thinking and planning. In fact, that was me with this blog.

I found myself thinking way too much what the blog should look like, what should I write about, how to get people to read, and so on. I postponed setting up the blog for 6 months! I was going nowhere with it.

But you know what I did?

One day I realized I was just procrastinating and that I won’t move anywhere if I just think about it. At that moment, I bought this domain and set up the website within days. I wrote the first blog post the same week.

By taking action, everything started moving forward rapidly.

I’ve learned more about what I should do with the blog in two weeks than I learned in the entire 6 months of “brainstorming”.

It doesn’t matter if everything is not perfect.

This blog is far from perfect. But, nothing will be perfect when you start something new. You learn everything along the way while you’re taking action.


What Can You Do Today?

Did you realize you’ve been postponing doing something for weeks or months? Have you been “thinking” about it because you want to have the perfect plan first? Stop!

I urge you to figure out the one thing you can do today to make it happen.

  • Want to start selling your beats online? Set up an online beat store with BeatStars or AirBit.
  • Want to sell your production services to artists? Go on social media and message 100 potential customers.
  • Want to grow your social media following? Start posting stuff every single day, follow others and interact with them.
  • Want to start waking up earlier to get more things done? Set up the alarm clock right now and read this blog post.

You’re not going to get anything done by thinking. All success is behind action!

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, that’s how you learn. Just start doing.

What action are you going to take today? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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