Tomorrow Is A Good Day To Start (Not)

Have you ever wanted to do something and after few seconds started hesitating and making excuses?

…I don’t have time…I don’t know if I can…I can do it later…

You’re not the only one doing that. It’s just human nature.

We all love planning and dreaming about things. We all like to push things into the future.

…Today I will get drunk and eat fast food but TOMORROW I will start getting in shape…

How often have you heard that?

Tomorrow is always a good day to start, but not today.

If we keep pushing things for tomorrow, we’ll never do them. Something always seems to get in the way of us doing something we dream about. Every day we come up with more excuses.

I’ve been there…


Just Do It

An author and life coach, Mel Robbins, found out that you have about 5 seconds to make a decision to do something before your brain starts overthinking and making excuses.

When I think about that, it makes sense.

For example: I often like to go out for a run instantly when I wake up in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day. But, if I don’t get up and put my exercise clothes on instantly when the alarm clock rings, I start hesitating. I start making excuses like: “I don’t have to workout now. I can do it later”. When the hesitation starts, it’s very easy not to do it.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Most of us will find a similar scenario from our everyday life.

This doesn’t mean we have to do everything within 5 seconds. Not at all. But, when you realize you’ve been postponing something you really want to do for a while, maybe it’s time to make a decision and just do it. Every small action is a step forward.

Got something on your mind you’ve been wanting to do for a long time? Ask yourself what’s the one small thing you can do right now to move it forward?

Drop a comment and let me know what it is!


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