Use Artwork For Your Tracks

Using artwork for the tracks you publish, is extremely important, especially online.

We browse the internet with our eyes, not with our ears.

The decisions we make online are based on information and visual cues. We don’t make a decision to listen to a new song based on music. How can we if we have never heard the song?

This is why artwork matters.

If you’re publishing a song online without any type of artwork, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to get song plays. This doesn’t mean you won’t get them, you might. But, using intriguing artwork will increase your chances of getting more exposure.

By the way, I know many people (including me) who hears a song on YouTube but can’t remember the name of the song. What do they remember? The thumbnail picture.

You need to use artwork, got it? Good, now let’s talk how to get artwork made.


1. Hire a graphic designer

You can always hire a graphic designer to make artwork for you. There are sites like Fiverr where freelance graphic designers are working for as low as $5 per order. It can be a great place to start looking.

If you’re releasing new tracks very often, hiring a graphic designer can get expensive. But, it’s one option.


2. Learn it yourself

It’s possible to learn the basics of graphic design and create the artwork on your own. There are tools like GIMP (free) and Canva, that you can use. There are also plenty of royalty-free picture libraries online where you can get professional pictures to use in your artworks (Here’s a list of few sites).

Learning graphic design on your own is possible, but naturally requires a visual eye and a lot of practice. If you’re interested in trying, go ahead and start learning. YouTube has vast amount of tutorials for it.


3. Just use a picture

Using an artwork doesn’t mean you always have to create a customized cover for each track you publish. You can also use just a ”random” picture you get from the internet (royalty-free of course) that represents the song.

For example: If your track is a heartfelt love song, you can find a picture of a heart, a couple, or anything that represents love. Done!


That’s it

Again, keep this in mind ”We browse the internet with our eyes, not with our ears”. The text you write and the visuals you use matters.

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