Using Theme Days For Beatmaking

If you want to be more productive and make beats more efficiently, having theme days can really help.

What is a theme day? It basically means to focus on one category of work the entire day. If you make beats, you could dedicate a day for creating beat demos, a day for production and mixing, and a day for finalizing the beats.

This type of workflow can speed up the process because you can focus on one type of work the entire day and not constantly switch between different type of tasks.


1. Creative Day

A creative day is the day where you put your creation hat on and just create!

Your sole goal for the day is to create as much new material as possible. Focus on creating full beat demos. Don’t pay too much attention to mixing, although you will probably naturally do that. But, try not to worry about it too much at this time.


2. Production Day

After a creative day, you can start focusing on production, mixing, and making the beats actually sound good.

A production day doesn’t always require as much creativity as creating beat demos does. Production and mixing is a bit more technical. That’s why it’s a good idea to separate creation and production (especially mixing).

In addition, you don’t always feel creative. At those times you can focus on the technical side of things and still have a productive day.


3. Final Mix Day

You should never start, mix and finish a beat on the same day.

Why? Let me ask you this: Have you ever finished a beat and soon after realize it sucks? Exactly. We have all been there. When we work on a beat for hours, or even days, our hearing adjusts to it. We stop hearing the details and lose the sense of how it sounds overall. We cannot hear it properly anymore.

It’s important to separate at least the final mix day. You don’t want to finish a beat in a hurry only to realize you could have made it much better by doing the final mix with fresh ears.


That’s It

In addition, you can have theme days for other tasks, as well. You can have a day for marketing, a day for social media, a day for web development, and anything you do consistently. For some beatmakers, focusing on just one beat per day can work.

All of this can boost your productivity. You don’t want to shift your focus several times a day. It’s scientifically proven that re-gaining focus can take 15-45 minutes. That’s a total waste of time. Find a method that works for you.

Try it and let me know how it goes!


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