Why You Should Not Make +10 Beats Per Day?

Recently, I’ve noticed there’s a common trend among beatmakers online bragging they make a ton of beats per day (sometimes up to 10 beats!). Usually the word ”Hustle” is included. Although I understand the mentality and reason for making as many beats as possible, I don’t think many think it through more deeply.

Do you focus on making as many beats as possible?

I want to dive into this topic and give you my thoughts about it with over a decade of experience.


1. What’s the rush?

Every time someone brags they make a ton of beats per day, I’m starting to wonder what’s the hurry?

It’s not a competition who makes the most beats. It’s about who makes the best beats. Right?

OK, sure, by making a lot of beats you increase the changes of someone liking the beats. But, why would you make a ton of beats that are just OK instead of making one INSANE beat that everyone in the world wants?


2. Are you even improving?

Do you think you will improve faster by spending an hour on each beat and starting another one instantly after that?

It’s true that making a lot of beats in the early stages is important. You get better at making beats by making beats. That’s just a fact.

But, it’s not that black and white…

Are you even trying to learn something new when you’re creating beats?

You won’t become a better beatmaker by making 10 beats per day. You will become a better beatmaker by making 10 beats per day and learning something new each time.

If you just make beats without constantly learning, you’ll just run in circles. You’re just repeating the stuff you already know.

It’s like you’re trying to become a Masterchef by cooking only the few dishes you already know how to cook…


3. Quality will stand out

There’s hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of beats available just on the internet. Do you think you will stand out by releasing, for example, a beat every day of the year? No, if the beats are not exceptional. It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd.

Quality will stand out, especially in the beat market today.

In fact, I still remember few beats that I heard over a decade ago! Those beats were so good they stuck in my head for over ten years. I bet there’s thousands of artists using just those few beats, as well.

No one won’t remember the beats that are just OK, but they will most definitely remember even that one beat that is exceptionally good. Even that one amazing beat can make all the difference in your entire career.


That’s It

I have nothing against making a ton of beats per day. But please, don’t make more beats just because it’s ”more”. Honestly, more is not more if the beats suck. Anyone can make 10 beats per day if that’s the only goal. All it really takes is to set a time-limit and do it. The difficult part is to make sure each beat is actually really good!

You can’t and shouldn’t rush art.

People remember good art pieces for decades but they forget the bad pieces within hours.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Make +10 Beats Per Day?”

  1. 10 beats a day?? I didn’t even know that was possible. Maybe 10 very basic draft concepts, but 10 finished tracks? NO way…

    One thing I really absorbed from this topic and make me REALLY think was the whole chef and the same dish idea. It just dawned on me that I do create beats with the exact same methods every time, I don’t learn anymore… which is probably why I’m not getting better. Thank you so much for that insight. I think I’ll start watching a tutorials before producing and putting said ideas into practice. Thanks for this!!!!

    1. Exactly. I mean, I can make 10 beats per day BUT those beats are basic and rough. Do I want to release those beats to the public? No, because I know they don’t even represent my skill-level. They’re just OK and I know I can make 10x better beats by spending more time on them.

      I’ve been in your position of being stuck. It’s normal, but once you realize that, it’s time to step up and continue learning. Even the smallest things can have a huge effect on your workflow, such as getting a new plugin, using new sounds, learning some more music theory, using a totally different tempo etc.

      Glad you liked the article! Good luck 🙂

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