Win The Morning Win The Day

What’s the one simple thing you can do that gives you a kickstart for the day?

Wake up earlier!

It sounds super simple, and that’s because it is.

From time and time again I witness this in my own life. When I sleep for however long I want and keep hitting the infamous snooze button, I feel lazy. Like really lazy! I struggle getting anything done during that day.

Sounds familiar?

There’s a reason why you feel lazy. When you sleep in and hit the snooze button several times, you’re starting the day off by postponing tasks. You’re basically saying “F*ck this, I can do this later”.

That doesn’t sound like a great start for a successful day.

When you win the morning, you win the day!

By setting the alarm clock to wake you at 5-7 AM and by getting up instantly (do NOT hit the snooze button!), you’ve already achieved your first task of the day.

I also recommend making your bed, as well. Making your bed signifies that the sleeping time is over and it’s time to prepare for the day.

By doing these two simple things in the morning, you already have two victories under your belt. Usually the successes just start piling up after that. You feel much better going into the day!

I suggest that you grab your alarm clock RIGHT NOW and set the alarm for 6 AM (or any other time that feels early to you) for tomorrow. When you wake up, make your bed instantly and wash your face with cold water. Grab a bite to eat and drink your coffee while reading a book.

I promise, you’ll have a great day after conquering the morning! 🙂

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