You Need A Day Off

In todays world, the term “hustling” is a trend. Successful entrepreneurs like GaryVee preaches about hustling 24/7 until you’re 50 years old if you want to win in business and in life.

I understand this mentality 100%.

But as someone who has been in verge of a burnout due to working too much for too long, I can say that it’s not that simple and straight-forward.

Your health, especially as a music producer, is your most important asset.

The music you create is a product of your mind. It comes from within you. If your mind and body are not functioning properly, you cannot work.

Have you ever been stressed out, or tired, and realize you have no inspiration or motivation? We cannot create music if our mind is not sharp and in a relaxed state. If you try to hustle 24/7 for too long, then your work efficiency decreases and it may simply be because you don’t give yourself a break.

I mean seriously…think about it.

You cannot survive without sleep either because your body needs time to rest. The exact same thing applies for working and being creative. We need to give ourselves a break every once in a while and there’s no shame in that.

It’s a virtue to be able to say “I need a break”.

Do you think you can make music long-term if you try to hustle and be creative for years without days off? The odds are against you. Chances are you cannot keep up the same work efficiency for even a month.

Hustle is extremely important. You need to push your limits. But there’s a difference between working hard and working wise. Often working wisely moves you forward faster than just working hard.


Take 24 Hours Off

Taking a day off, from something you love doing, is not easy. I’ll admit that. But, it’s essential if you want to do it long-term. A day off every once in a while prevents you having producer blocks that may last for weeks (or even months)!

I suggest you to take 24 hours off everything even couple times a month.

I can promise you, it will only make you stronger!

Absolutely nothing bad will happen in 24 hours. In reality, 24 hours is a very short time, but for you its the perfect amount of time to relax for a moment. It can do miracles to your creativity and productivity.

When I take a day off, I don’t do anything work-related. I don’t open social media, I don’t check emails, and I don’t even open the computer. If I do any of that, well that’s not a day off then. Even reading that one email can occupy the mind the entire day. It’s impossible to relax when that happens.

Do anything else you want for that day. Read books, listen podcasts, cook dinner and try a new recipe, go for a hike, go for a run, go to the beach, hang out with friends, watch Netflix, go to an event, and the list goes on.

This day is your day! You’re gonna love it.

I suggest marking these days into your calendar, even couple times a month. Soon you’ll realize you start looking forward to these days, I know I am.

Sometimes all you need is one short pause. Don’t be ashamed of it.

There’s life outside work, too.

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